To use a newer version of FileTrove just download it from Github. However, some updates introduce new functions or database changes and newer versions might not be compatible with older databases.

The database of FileTrove can be updated with the tool admftrove that can be found in FileTrove’s repository. admftrove updates the version and changes the database schema to be compatible with newer versions.

Before doing the update, backup filetrove.db by copying it somewhere save!

You can then update from one version to the next, e.g. from v1.0.0-DEV-7 to v1.0.0-DEV-8 and with the next update run from DEV-8 to DEV-9.

admftrove expects the directory where filetrove.db is located.

 $ ./admftrove --updatedb FILETROVE_INSTALL_PATH/db

Update paths and changelog

1.0.0-DEV-15 –> 1.0.0-DEV-16 : NOT supported. Version DEV-16 changes the semantics of filename and dirname and adds filepath and dirpath, according to Wikidata. For more info see https://github.com/steffenfritz/FileTrove/issues/30.

1.0.0-DEV-14 –> 1.0.0-DEV-15 : supported.

1.0.0-DEV-13 –> 1.0.0-DEV-14 : supported. Version DEV-14 alters the files and directories tables by adding a column

1.0.0-DEV-7 –> 1.0.0-DEV-13 : supported

1.0.0-DEV-6 –> 1.0.0-DEV-7 : not supported