FileTrove is written in Golang and open source (AGPLv3). You can install it by compiling from source or use a precompiled executable for your platform. FileTrove is a single file application without external dependencies, except a NSRL Bolt database. FileTrove can download the database for you.


On Github you can find ready-to-run executables for most common operating systems and platforms like Linux, MacOS or Windows on AMD64 and ARM64.

Just download from Github, extract the archive and run the program from a terminal/command line.

Note: This project is called FileTrove, but the executable is called ftrove! The builds also have the operating system and platform in their name. You can savely rename them or keep the name.

The releases are tested and the latest version has no known bugs.

Alternative: Install from source

You can install ftrove from source by compiling it. With an installed Go compiler and set up workspace you can install it with

go install

The binary can be found in $GOPATH/bin.

Note: As FileTrove uses SQLite the compilation on Windows might need some extra work.


Copy the binary to a location where FileTrove should save the results, logs and where the 4.0 GB NSRL database can be stored.

Then, execute the following command to install FileTrove in the given directory (mind the period):

$ ./ftrove –install .

During the installation FileTrove creates two directories, “logs” and “db”. It also asks you if it should download the NSRL database. The download via ftrove, i.e. during the installation, could be slow. You can answer “no” during the installation and download the database via BitTorrent from (this source holds an old version at the moment, download via ftrove is recommended - 2024.04.23)

After the bittorrent download you MUST copy the file into the db directory. If ftrove downloads the database you don’t have to do anything, it places it into the correct location.

FileTrove is installed and ready to go!