FileTrove indexes many files fast, detects their types and creates metadata for long term preservation.


FileTrove is written in Golang and open source (AGPLv3). You can install it by compiling from source or use a precompiled executable for your platform. FileTrove is a single file application without external dependencies, except a NSRL Bolt database. FileTrove can download the database for you. Download On Github you can find ready-to-run executables for most common operating systems and platforms like Linux, MacOS or Windows on AMD64 and ARM64.


Configuration is done via command line flags.


Update is done via admftrove. Listing of update paths.


FileTrove is a command line tool. Therefore all examples are using your local terminal. Quickstart First you have to follow the installation instruction https://filetrove.fritz.wtf/docs/install-filetrove/ Index recursively a directory: $ ./ftrove -i PATHTODIRECTORY You will see a progress bar. When it finishes you can export the data to a TSV file that can be imported into Excel or Numbers or read with any text editor. $ ./ftrove -l Copy the UUID, you need it for the export:

Create NSRL BoltDB

How to create a NSRL BoltDB from NSRL SQLite



Imprint and contact

Imprint / Impressum Steffen Fritz Hauffstraße 4 71696 Möglingen E-Mail: steffen AT fritz.wtf OpenPGP: Keyserver Issues: Github Support Information FileTrove is and will be forever open source and free of cost. However, support can be requested via Steffen Fritz - IT Consulting, https://fritz-itc.de See all legal information there, https://fritz-itc.de/datenschutz/ and https://fritz-itc.de/impressum/